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Without Prescription
from your Local Vet!

Detail on the two payment options at

1. Check-by-mail: Once your order has been placed we will send you an email letting you know what your order number is and where to mail your check. You can use your own personal check, a banker's check or a money order.

2. Electronic check: We use a third party processor based in Ohio, called TheEcheck to handle the transaction between your bank and ours.
We need you to enter your routing and account number from your personal checking account (please note that other types of accounts will not work).

Once the payment is accepted, you will need to speak with TheEcheck who will call you on the phone number you provide us as a quick security check to make sure you are happy for the payment to come through to us. Please be aware that this is a secure payment method.

Also, we are unable to accept payment from some provincial banks and most credit unions.

The phone call only takes place on the first order with us. Subsequent orders do not require a phone call.


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