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Capromorelin Oral Solution, commonly known as Entyce®, is used as an appetite stimulant in dogs and in cats as an extra-label.

Capromorelin is can be used in combination with anti-vomiting or acid-reducing drugs.

Capromorelin is an orally administered drug belonging belongs to the ghrelin receptor agonist group of drug compounds that finds to receptors and induces the signal in the hypothalamus of the brain to cause appetite stimulation. Capromorelin also binds to the growth hormone secretagogue receptor in the pituitary gland to increase levels of growth hormone.

Although most drug studies on Capromorelin where short-term studies, additional studies have suggested that it can be used successfully for long-term use. One study demonstrated that capromorelin was well-tolerated in dogs dosed up to 52.4 mg/kg for 12 months. This study also suggested that there is a wide margin of safety as capromorelin was dosed at approximately 17.5X the clinical dose.

Capromorelin should be used in combination with other measures to encourage appetite. Special foods and nutrition requirements should be part of the treatment plan that you discuss with your veterinarian.

This drug FDA approved for use in dogs. Although only approved for use in dogs, it has been used successfully off-label for cats to increase appetite.

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