Advantage (Advocate) for Cats  

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Advantage Multi (Advocate) for Cats
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Advantage (Advocate) for Cats
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Heartworm Advantage Multi for Cats

Advantage Multi (Advocate) for cats is a monthly topical spot-on treatment that controls fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms (hookworm and roundworm), demodicosis and ear mite infestation. This is an effective treatment, which spreads rapidly over your pet's body and kills 98-100% of adult fleas within 12 hours of application. It also destroys flea larvae, treats and controls intestinal worms including roundworms and hookworms. Moreover, it is also used to treat ear mites in cats. Advantage multi (Advocate) is safe to use on kittens 9 weeks of age and above.

Kills adult fleas and treats flea infestation
Treats and controls ear mites
Treats and controls common intestinal parasites like roundworms and hookworms
Prevents heartworm disease in cats

Weigh your pet and choose the appropriate product for your cat.
Let your cat stand in one position.
Part the fur of the cat at the base of the skull until the skin is visible.
Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze out the content until the pipette is empty.
Do not touch the applied area, until it completely dries.

For animal treatment only.
Keep the children and other pets away from the treated pets.
Keep it away from the pet's eyes and mouth while applying the treatment.
Do not treat pregnant, sick, weak, lactating and breeding pets without consulting the vet.
Do not treat felines who are allergic to the contents of this spot-on.
Do not smoke, drink or chew gum while treating your pet.
Sterilize your hands before and after application.

Advantage Multi (Advocate) is a powerful treatment for cats, which consists of two active ingredients - Imidacloprid and Moxidectin. The combination of these both elements results in complete elimination of adult fleas and flea larvae. Furthermore, it prevents and controls intestinal worms and heartworm infection in cats. This is a waterproof solution, which protects your cat from re-infestation of parasites by remaining active for a month.






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